Powergear focuses on providing customers with comprehensive lighting track systems and driver adapters while diligently upholding a dedication to quality. We offer a broad range of products, ensuring swift deliveries, providing professional sales consultations, delivering satisfying user experiences, and offering after-sales services for customers worldwide.

The spirit of 'On the right track' is deeply embedded in Powergear's product quality control and service excellence, crafting an unparalleled lighting experience. We surpass expectations, ensuring the seamless execution of customers' projects and shielding them from any derailments. Rooted in our commitment to the right track, we pursue a business philosophy of mutual success, exclusively focusing on the innovation and development of total solutions for lighting track systems.

Powergear upholds its commitment to quality assurance, with all employees dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement. We prioritize customer needs and aspire to be the trusted first choice for every customer.


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Chasing Excellence

We serve over 1000 classic commercial application scenarios worldwide, actively integrating global mainstream design and construction concepts. Combining Powergear's own 20 years of experience in the track industry, we pioneered the SEICED standard for track systems, the first of its kind in the industry. Over the years, we have consistently adhered to this standard, integrating it into our product design and service delivery for customers worldwide.

SEICED Standard Specifications: Safety, Efficiency & Installation, Compatibility, Expansibility, and Durability.

In our continuous pursuit of high-quality standards, SEICED serves as a clear guide for Powergear. It is not just a benchmark but a commitment to quality and innovation with elevated expectations. Embracing the mission of SEICED, we aim to reduce resource wastage in commercial lighting space design and construction, enhance long-term operational efficiency, and establish a centralized power supply with an intelligent hardware platform for a variety of unified products. Powergear remains dedicated to leading industry development and providing customers with superior lighting solutions.


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Cost Effective

Based in Dongguan, China, our manufacturing facility strategically oversees inventory to facilitate rapid deliveries, reduce wait times, and offer the highest quality and efficiency for our products.


Quality Standards

Our products undergo rigorous testing at our Powergear factory to meet stringent quality standards and acquire globally recognized certifications like ENEC, UL, CE, and CQC.


Total Solutions

Powergear offers a reliable and wide array of track systems and ultimate adapters, tailored to meet the needs of any professional lighting application, and compatible with major track system brands in Europe and North America.


Customer Service

Dedicated to excellence, we pledge to deliver prompt and expert service support, ensuring satisfaction for our valued international clients.

Global Presence

Powergear is committed to providing high-quality products and expedited delivery services worldwide.  With our headquarters in Taiwan and global manufacturing center in Dongguan, China, we ensure uncompromising quality and efficiency.  Furthermore, Powergear Europe, located in Breda, Netherlands, serves as the central sales, inventory, and service point for the European customer network.



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