Twisted L Connector


To connect two 3-phase track sections at a 90° angle. It also provides a center feed option. Adjustable between left and right

Available colours

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black

Product specs

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  • Main Materials PC UL94V0 + Copper + Steel
  • Net weight per piece (g) 125
  • Rated voltage per circuit 230V / 16A
  • Inner box / Outer box (pcs) 18 / 108 pcs

Powergear's high quality 3-circuit track system for the professional lighting market is highly compatible* for track lights with 3-circuit adapters of most major brands. 

A comprehensive range of innovative accessories gives designers maximum freedom to create unique track plans. For both surface mounted and recessed 3-circuit track the same accessories can be used. The unique Powergear Twisted L and T connectors enable a quick and easy installation with less items to take care of.

Powergear track can be easily shortened and is immediately ready to install as there is no need to adjust wires. The ''EZCLICK'' mounting features make the track system quick and easy to install. 

A new, innovative and competitive range of Powergear Ultimate adapters is at your disposal. As the new LED driver is concealed in the adapter you can continue to miniaturize your track lights. 

To make your 3-circuit system Bluetooth controllable, Powergear offers Ultimate adapters with Casambi technology.